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Traditional Poutine with an American Twist For years, Canadians have politely criticized America’s attempts at recreating one of their country’s most iconic dishes: poutine. Our northern neighbors have written articles with headlines like “8 Times America Ruined Poutine for Everyone” and “A&W debuts poutine not… Read More >

Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar Since overfishing began driving up prices of the most prized types of caviar – that is, roe sourced specifically from a few select sturgeon species – several decades ago, it has been viewed as an expensive luxury food available only… Read More >

Activated Charcoal: Healthy or Harmful? Activated charcoal is a form of carbon that, on a molecular level, works a lot like a tiny sponge, drawing everything around it into its microscopic pores. It’s been used in a variety of ways over the years, including in… Read More >

From Pest to Protein: The Incredible Edible Bug Chapulines, a crunchy snack popular in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, are a little sour and salty and sometimes spicy. They are added to eggs, mixed into chorizo, used as a taco filling and salad topping, and… Read More >

Food Trends of the Past, Present, and Future While restaurateurs often focus on the future, trying to anticipate the next trend that will capture their customers’ attention, it can sometimes be fun to look back at the precursors to the foods we enjoy today. Many… Read More >

Food Fusion with Jogasaki Sushi Burrito It’s sushi! It’s a burrito! No, it’s a sushi burrito (occasionally called a Sushirrito, although that term is actually trademarked by a company using the name). Purists will tell you that the sushi burrito is neither sushi nor a… Read More >

Katom’s Weekly Foodservice News Roundup Remember January? That chilly month right after Christmas with the cheap gas? January is when Chipotle famously stopped serving pork carnitas in about a third of its 1700 restaurants, in a crisis of conscience-slash-marketing epiphany that arose when the chain… Read More >

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