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Restaurant Wages and Food Safety Since suffering a major E. coli outbreak in 2015, Chipotle has focused on refreshing its reputation by closing all its stores for a daylong food safety training and offering customers free burritos. Though we hoped the company’s woes were behind… Read More >

Is Lead Crystal Safe to Use? Everyone seems to agree that lead is dangerous, toxic, and sometimes even deadly. Lead-based paint has been banned for decades, leaded gasoline was phased out by the mid-nineties, and there are strict regulations in place for lead content in… Read More >

Restaurant Disasters: The Unusual Suspects Slick floors. Heavy loads. Fast traffic. Knives, both sharp and dull. Hot ovens and cooktops. Uncool coolers and walk-ins. Line cooks with headcolds. Mayonnaise. Mussels. Mice. These are some of the “smoking guns” we typically look to when there’s an… Read More >