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A Month of Food Safety Education Since 1994, the National Restaurant Association has designated September as National Food Safety Month. To celebrate, ServSafe specialists create educational materials, including quizzes and informational posters, based on a new food safety theme every year. The theme for 2018… Read More >

Restaurant Wages and Food Safety Since suffering a major E. coli outbreak in 2015, Chipotle has focused on refreshing its reputation by closing all its stores for a daylong food safety training and offering customers free burritos. Though we hoped the company’s woes were behind… Read More >

Is Lead Crystal Safe to Use? Everyone seems to agree that lead is dangerous, toxic, and sometimes even deadly. Lead-based paint has been banned for decades, leaded gasoline was phased out by the mid-nineties, and there are strict regulations in place for lead content in… Read More >

Restaurant Disasters: The Unusual Suspects Slick floors. Heavy loads. Fast traffic. Knives, both sharp and dull. Hot ovens and cooktops. Uncool coolers and walk-ins. Line cooks with headcolds. Mayonnaise. Mussels. Mice. These are some of the “smoking guns” we typically look to when there’s an… Read More >