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NewBrook Kitchen’s Paleo Project Cutting out carbs, going on juice cleanses, and sipping on several cups of bone broth each day are just a few of the diets that have been popularized in recent years. Though it may be easy to dismiss the paleo diet… Read More >

Responding to Medical Emergencies Unless you’re a civil servant or medical professional, you probably don’t expect to encounter a medical emergency while you’re at work, but restaurant employees – especially those working front-of-house roles – may witness life-threatening crises like anaphylaxis, choking, and cardiac arrest…. Read More >

Nima Gluten Food Tester In the United States alone, roughly 3 million people are affected by Celiac disease, a condition whose most painful symptom is a reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. Additionally, a currently unknown number of people suffer… Read More >

Managing Without Milk A few months ago, my eating habits had to undergo a drastic change – I was suddenly unable to process dairy, experiencing painful stomach cramps every time I tried even a little bit. I have several friends who are lactose intolerant, but… Read More >

Allergen-Free Menus Are Good for Guests and Your Bottom Line This time of year turns many public places into a symphony of sniffling and sneezing as spring pollen triggers seasonal allergies. For the roughly 15 million Americans with food allergies, though, their condition isn’t limited… Read More >

Hold the Peanuts and Cracker Jack No matter whether you believe baseball is still America’s pastime, millions of Americans continue to flock to baseball stadiums from April to October. Between popular Major League teams and their numerous Minor League affiliates, there are 270 professional baseball… Read More >