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Your Independence Day To-Do List The most festive holiday of the season has finally made its way around and for many of us it marks the peak of summer. School has been out for a while but it’s not quite time to start gearing up… Read More >

The Coffee Enthusiast For the little ray of sunshine in your life — that is the post-coffee-consumption ray Though a common persona, the coffee enthusiast does not passively partake in a daily cup of joe. This individual seeks out the perfect blend of roasted excellence,… Read More >

Pumpkin-Flavored Recipes for Every Course of the Meal When it comes to fall flavors, there is no doubt that pumpkins are the star of the show. With their rich, creamy flavor and versatility, it’s pretty likely pumpkin will be sneaking into several meals you make… Read More >

To brew or not to brew, is that even a question? It’s not about whether or not you will have that morning cup of joe, or six, it’s about where it’s going to happen. Will you drink up at home, make a cup to go,… Read More >

With These Spirited, Team Recipes, You Will be a Contender for the Ultimate Fan! In 1869, Rutgers and Princeton took the field in what is considered to be the first collegiate football game in history. That year, the season was comprised of just two games… Read More >

Dress up Your Drink with Trendy Specialty Ice Ice: It’s an easy concept, right? Well, it actually depends who you ask and where you’re enjoying it. Here at KaTom discussions about obscure kitchen discoveries are not exactly rare. From one-upping each other with lunch-time foodie… Read More >

Make a Toast to the Winning Horse with This Classic For a sweet take on the mint julep, this drink uses honey instead of sugar for simple syrup, which mixes well with the Kentucky bourbon for slightly sweet and smoky flavor. For a non-alcoholic version… Read More >

Stay Hydrated When You’re Out and About Outdoor activities are popular all year round. While we drink plenty of fluids while exercising during the summer, some do not consider dehydration when it’s cool outside. Being thirsty is often a late symptom of dehydration and overheating…. Read More >

The Best Way to Cool off from the Summer Heat? Margaritas! If you’re like me, then you’re probably feeling pretty miserable right now because of this exhausting heat. I absolutely cannot stand it. I have no pool in my backyard, so no cooling off for… Read More >

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