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A Story From the Streets to Five Star Dining You have seen him on TV, cooked from his recipes, and possibly even made lifestyle changes based on his “food revolution,” but did you know that beyond his entrepreneurial ventures Jamie Oliver’s passion for all things… Read More >

From Big Events to Local Farmer’s Markets Dale’s Fried Pies Adds Something Sweet From public television to fried pies, Dale Mackey has been serving the Knoxville community since she made her way south from her hometown of Chicago. Though raised in the north, Dale developed… Read More >

A Look at Knoxville’s Newest Sweet Go to college, become a speech pathologist, marry a commercial construction manager, quit your jobs, and open a bakery. Wait, what? Meredith and Scott Layton aren’t what one might expect when it comes to members of the foodservice industry,… Read More >

Decorate Christmas Cookies and Enjoy Time with Loved Ones With the clock ticking rapidly toward Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it’s likely your schedule is filling up quickly. If you’re feeling the holiday stress beginning to escalate, don’t add to it by trying to get… Read More >

KitchenAid Stand Mixers are Great for any Recipe Trying to convince a loved one you need a KitchenAid stand mixer? Looking to find the perfect recipes to break in your new mixer? Skip the search and begin here. We have the top five reasons you… Read More >

Fry Up Sufganiyot for a Taste of Modern Israeli Hanukkah Traditions Pay close attention, because you are officially running out of time. With just a few hours left of the Hanukkah festivities, it’s time to gear up for a Sufganiyot farewell to the Festival of… Read More >

The Coffee Enthusiast For the little ray of sunshine in your life — that is the post-coffee-consumption ray Though a common persona, the coffee enthusiast does not passively partake in a daily cup of joe. This individual seeks out the perfect blend of roasted excellence,… Read More >

Just a Bite: The Mini Dessert How many times have you found yourself at a fabulous dinner, enjoyed a few too many bites of the appetizers and entrée when the dessert topic arises? It’s hard to say, “no” when the meal was so delicious. Instead… Read More >

Food Processor Guide and Hummus Recipe How-To There are never enough useless gadgets and gismos – said no one ever. When it comes to useless junk, it seems there are individuals that have made a life of creating things to clutter your valuable kitchen real… Read More >

To brew or not to brew, is that even a question? It’s not about whether or not you will have that morning cup of joe, or six, it’s about where it’s going to happen. Will you drink up at home, make a cup to go,… Read More >

Keep Your Cool With Frozen Treats From a KitchenAid Stand Mixer Ice Cream Maker Accessory With summer approaching and the mercury climbing, it’s obvious the ice cream days of 2013 have arrived. While we believe any time is the right time for a delicious, frozen… Read More >

Try These Delicious Recipes with Versatile Lodge Cast Iron Cookware With the gloom of winter slowly being replaced by rising mercury and greening trees, spring is the perfect time to break out some Lodge cast iron cookware and take your recipes – and meal time… Read More >

Don’t Miss Out on Your Last Opportunities to Grill As grilling season comes to an end, we at KaTom offer you two recipes that can easily added to a salad, served as a side, or presented as an appetizer. The first is a grilled nectarine… Read More >

Mary Lou Henry’s Recipes of the Month: June Since most melons are now in season, we are presenting two recipes that use fresh fruit. These are great for parties or served as an appetizer. By utilizing fruit and vegetables that are in season, you are… Read More >

Spoil Your Mom With Chocolate Covered Strawberries: A How-To Video! Moms are what make us who we are…quite literally! Mothers comfort us when we are down and teach us many of the life lessons we must know. It’s times like these that I wish my… Read More >

What’s Great About a KitchenAid Stand Mixer? Everything! The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is a must for every kitchen! Without it, no kitchen is complete. I should know, I recently bought one and now my kitchen is complete and my countertop looks so much better with… Read More >

Vitamix Takes the Effort Out of Every Meal Breakfast Time Something sweet and light usually works great. I love this recipe from the Vitamix recipe collection for a blueberry banana orange smoothie. Yeah, that’s right, the triple fruit threat. Lunch Time Lunch today will be… Read More >

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