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Knoxville’s Green Drinks Garden According to a recent Congressional Research Service overview of the craft alcoholic beverage industry in the United States, there were nearly 17,000 businesses producing craft beer, spirits, and wine in 2017. The $31 billion industry is a hit with consumers, especially… Read More >

Hops Meet Hospitality at Craft Beer Cellar When Kate Baker and Suzanne Schalow opened Craft Beer Cellar‘s flagship location in Belmont, Mass., in 2010, there were around 400 craft beers on the store’s shelves. “That was most of what we could get our hands on,”… Read More >

Brewery Beatdown It’s no secret that America loves beer – in 2015, beer companies in the U.S. raked in $105.9 billion. This was 0.2 percent less than was sold in 2014, an unexpected fizzle felt by large beer companies and not the trendy craft breweries… Read More >

American Craft Beer Gets Weird You’ve probably noticed that craft beer is tapping into the mainstream market. In 2015, it bottled a 12.2 percent share of the $105.9 billion beer market in the United States. To give you a stouter perspective, 24.07 million barrels of… Read More >