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First Love In retrospect, you were probably a little in love with the whole Picardie family. They were cheerful and noisy and seemed to be everywhere—delivering orange juice to schoolchildren, lined three-deep at the bar, steaming with espresso in the coffee shop. Then one day,… Read More >

iSi Delivers a Royal Whipping From Vienna, Austria, the very capital of whipped cream, comes the noble line of food and drink-whipping equipment known as iSi. It’s pronounced “ee-see,” like the French word for “here.” And they do assert themselves, especially in a group. The… Read More >

Cheers to the 2014 Holiday Season and a Gift for Everyone on Your List For the craft beer lovers, cocktail aficionados, wine connoisseurs, and everyone in between, we present the all-things-liquid gift guide to cover nearly anyone on your list. We even tossed in a… Read More >

The Gift Guide for All Things Delicious Dig in and drink up. That’s the theme of our handy gift guide for the consumer. From top of the line spirits to a few of our favorite indulgences, your certain to find a little something for everyone… Read More >

Zach Calfee Talks Absinthe and Life as a Craft Cocktail Specialist Last week, I headed down to Armada Bar in Knoxville, Tennessee for a few minutes with craft cocktail specialist, Zach Calfee. With a background in molecular gastronomy and passion for developing new twists on… Read More >

Big Batch Cocktails for Fall Festivities Still haven’t settled on your Halloween big batch brew? We called up cocktail expert Zach Calfee of Armada Bar in Knoxville, Tennessee for a few last-minute recipes to impress your guests. Specializing in prohibition-era cocktails, Zach explained a few… Read More >

An Exhaustive Guide to Asheville, North Carolina for Epicureans When I traveled to Asheville for my first Food Blog Forum, I wasn’t certain what to expect. Would the bloggers be foodies? Tech geniuses? Maybe they would all be brilliant writers. Turns out, they are all… Read More >

Nicole Anhalt Combines Classic Culinary Skill with Precision Cocktail Production Classically trained as a pastry chef, Nicole Anhalt knew that the food and beverage industry was just the place she wanted to call home. Keen on increasing her knowledge base out of school in Charleston,… Read More >

The KaTom Sling: KaTom’s Very Own Signature Cocktail Being the foodies that we are. It’s only appropriate that we have our very own cocktail. We wanted it to be representative of our brand but easy enough to replicate at home. To ensure the very best… Read More >

Chef Justin Burdett Presents a Flavor-Focused, Locally Inspired Taste of Appalachia When you walk into Ruka’s Table in Highlands, North Carolina, prepare to be transported to a place a bit earthier that what has become the norm in the mountain vacation town. Home to just… Read More >

The Chef for the Foraging, Nose-to-Tail, Militant Locovore Next time you are headed down US 64 in North Carolina, make plans to stop at Ruka’s Table in the bustling, summer town of Highlands. It’s just on the outskirts of town and if you’ve made it… Read More >

Your Independence Day To-Do List The most festive holiday of the season has finally made its way around and for many of us it marks the peak of summer. School has been out for a while but it’s not quite time to start gearing up… Read More >

5 Easy Ways to Increase Bar Sales Regardless of your décor, offerings, and menu, any establishment with beverage service can benefit from a few tips to increase beverage sales and protect the bottom line. As the weather warms up, consider a little spring-cleaning behind the… Read More >

The Wine Connoisseur For the person in your life who partakes in the “spitting” portion of a wine tasting – and the one who doesn’t The wine snob is easy to locate: Simply discuss that time in college when you drank wine from a box… Read More >

With These Spirited, Team Recipes, You Will be a Contender for the Ultimate Fan! In 1869, Rutgers and Princeton took the field in what is considered to be the first collegiate football game in history. That year, the season was comprised of just two games… Read More >

Dress up Your Drink with Trendy Specialty Ice Ice: It’s an easy concept, right? Well, it actually depends who you ask and where you’re enjoying it. Here at KaTom discussions about obscure kitchen discoveries are not exactly rare. From one-upping each other with lunch-time foodie… Read More >

Make a Toast to the Winning Horse with This Classic For a sweet take on the mint julep, this drink uses honey instead of sugar for simple syrup, which mixes well with the Kentucky bourbon for slightly sweet and smoky flavor. For a non-alcoholic version… Read More >