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University Catering with Terri Franks Catering is never an easy job, but university catering means feeding tens of thousands of students, student-athletes, faculty, donors, and other distinguished guests in a variety of settings, from dining halls that offer three or more meals a day to… Read More >

After Picture It’s been a while since I last wrote about my commissary kitchen at the Central Collective. Back in May, we had just placed our order with KaTom for our sinks, range, and hood system. Since then, the equipment has been installed, the floors… Read More >

Busy, with a Chance of Crazy Better, more accessible data in ever-greater abundance is one of the biggest stories of 2015 for restaurants and all foodservice operations. By this time next year, we may actually be able to predict the weather. For now, we’re pleased… Read More >

The Better to Serve For every hole in the plastic grid of a milk crate, there is a catering niche. But even when you’ve found yours, you’ll need to bring in-depth knowledge of cuisines, excellent cooking skills, solid business chops, and social connections to your… Read More >

Seeking Freezer Freedom A portable standalone container that keeps frozen treats at serving temperature during special events is something of a holy grail. In summer especially, it hovers, frosty and steaming, in the minds of caterers and their clients throughout the ice cream-eating world. Just… Read More >

Five Reasons to Hyperfocus Your Food Business As pretentious as it may sound, the seeds for my business, Dale’s Fried Pies, were planted on a trip to Spain with my husband in 2012. Our hostel was a few blocks away from San Ginés, a little… Read More >

Introducing Dale Mackey for The Commissary We at the KaTom Blog are thrilled to introduce Dale Mackey, an artisan, community builder, and writer whose businesses exemplify a new approach to foodservice in our increasingly mobile world. Dale will be posting regularly here in the KaTom… Read More >