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Legal Libations in Your New Restaurant By this point in your restaurant-buying adventure, you’ve likely earned an A+ for doing your homework. You know the must-haves and deal breakers to look for in a lease, you know what a healthy cash flow looks like, and… Read More >

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? You know the restaurant business. That’s why you’ve decided to buy one. As you lean into the all-too-brief due diligence phase of your acquisition, the state of the equipment that’s part of the deal might seem like the least of… Read More >

Distrust and Verify If you’re buying a restaurant business, somewhere between plunge-taking and handshaking you may hear a desperate emotional cry for validation known as “the asking price.” It is sometimes followed by an absurd claim called “cash flow.” Zaniness like this may be tossed around… Read More >

Get the Lease of Your Dreams On a busy city street, the little restaurant gleams like a jewel. It fits your site-selection specs to a teaspoon. You can live with the concept and expense profile and the seller’s motives make sense, so you’re putting together… Read More >