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Recently we took a look into the Duggar family kitchen by means of the “Today Show and were surprised to find a lot of cooking equipment we recognized; commercial kitchen equipment, to be exact! If you take into consideration the amount of wear and tear a residential equipment piece would go through, the choice to go commercial makes complete sense. If you’re making the “living large choice for your family, you may be asking yourself how to set up the kitchen. This guide will help you to plan for your large family’s appetite!

You can see everything from a commercial reach in freezer to a convection oven combo in the Duggar family kitchen. Buy the commercial kitchen equipment and supplies your family needs by browsing KaTom’s fine selection!

A Supplies Overview

Before we go over the details of fixing a kitchen for your large family, we would like to address all of the equipment you will need. You will need a commercial refrigerator and freezer to hold all of the foods your family eats. A commercial refrigerator and freezer with stainless steel construction will hold up a lot longer to than residential models that aren’t manufactured with constant opening and closing in mind. In addition to purchasing commercial ovens and ranges, dispenser ice makers, kitchen deep fryers, and a slew of restaurant baking supplies you need to be sure to look into restaurant furniture supplies that feature superior durability. With so much daily traffic you must ensure that your dining room will hold up as long as a restaurant dining room.

Don’t forget about your family’s pantry. The Duggars use a garage as a pantry that is organized like a grocery store. Lots of food in storage means you must have adjustable shelving, whether you choose long lasting epoxy shelving or commercial wire shelving. Having the ability to adjust the shelving will save room for more foods and in turn save your family money otherwise used on more shelving. Bulk ingredient storage is also a must have for spices and dry ingredients like flour.

Residential = Disposable

T_49If you take the Duggar family as an example, the equipment must be able to produce 1890 plates of food, PER MONTH, not counting snacks or desserts. Compare that number to the 360 plates of food a family of 4 would make and you see why residential kitchen equipment would just be “disposable to large families.

Many are discouraged from buying commercial due to higher prices when in reality going commercial for your larger family’s kitchen is a longer lasting choice. Each piece in your kitchen, from the ice maker to the microwave, will be used more frequently than what residential models can handle. In the end, your family will save money by purchasing high quality commercial equipment.

The only downside to purchasing commercial equipment is that there will be a warranty issue. Warranties on commercial kitchen equipment pieces are void when used in residential settings.

We have found the only way to keep from voiding a warranty in residential settings is to find a 3rd party company that provides extended warranties for home appliances.

Everything Has Its Place

Wire ShelvingOrganizing your kitchen like a restaurant kitchen will keep work flow smoother, make it safer to work in, and will help to save space. For instance, set up “stations like a prep area and a dish area; this will make cooking and cleaning up in your kitchen an easier process. If everything has a specific place it is harder for the kitchen to become disorganized.

Make A Plan

While an ample amount of effort should be put toward finding the proper equipment and layout for your kitchen, making sure you have an actual meal plan is only beneficial to your cause. Plan out what it will take to accomplish breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes every day for a week. Knowing the amount of each product used per week will make it possible to accurately see the size of storage and refrigeration space your family will need for a month’s worth of supplies.

Duggar video image courtesy of http://duggarsblog.blogspot.com/ & The Today Show

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