To the Slow Cooker at 75: A Birthday Sonnet

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Shall I compare you to a Naxon Beanery?
Perhaps a stewpot would be apropos?
Electric skillet, dump-n-stir machinery,
Whatever makes a chef turn up his nose?
Your claim to fame would otherwise be “braising” –
Slow cooking that lets flavors coalesce –
But just in case you get above your raising,
remember: you were bought at CVS.
You started out with kishke, beans, and barley,
then stroganoff and chili and fondue,
carnitas, enchiladas, and tamales,
plus queso, mashed potatoes, barbecue.
Three-quarters of a century! Still hot!
(Take that, then, hipster-handled coffeepot!)

Elaine Evans
Elaine Evans Elaine Evans is thrilled to blog for KaTom, where her work in restaurants, bars, catering, and artisanal food has caught up at last with her career in journalism and public relations writing.