Join KaTom at the 2nd Annual TCWN Dragon Boat Race

On August 27, KaTom will sponsor the second annual Tennessee Clean Water Network Dragon Boat Race at Volunteer Landing in downtown Knoxville, Tenn. This event will feature several 20-person teams from local organizations racing 250 meters down the Tennessee River in 46-foot-long dragon boats. The purpose of the event is to raise money for TCWN’s efforts to protect Tennessee’s drinking water sources from contamination and encourage everyone to drink plenty of water in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Competitive dragon boat racing has its roots in China over 2000 years ago where it developed as a part of many religious ceremonies and festivals. It has grown to be an international sport, with an International Dragon Boat Federation comprised of members from 62 countries. A typical dragon boat is crewed by 20 paddlers, a steerer, and a drummer. It’s the drummer’s job to set the pace of the paddlers’ strokes by beating a drum at the bow of the boat. The steerer determines the course of the boat with his paddle at the rear of the craft.

While TCWN’s Dragon Boat Race is centered around the series of races that will occur, there are plenty of other reasons to come out to the event. Sweet P’s Barbeque will be on site selling their southern-style barbeque. Other local organizations will be there promoting their causes and holding contests and giveaways. Admission to the event is free, but donations of all amounts are accepted.

Sponsor KaTom’s Boat With a Donation to TCWN

It’s easy to take clean water for granted, but the fact that most Americans have a seemingly endless supply of clean water is the fruit of tireless labor by individuals and organizations like TCWN. Hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans get their water from sources TCWN works to protect.

TCWN’s efforts have reached as far east as Johnson City and as far west as Memphis. The group has undertaken projects in Jackson, Nashville, Chattanooga, and many of the areas in between. The organization works with lawmakers to put strong water protection policies into local and state law, and ensure that those policies are enforced. You’ll often find TCWN members at local events working to empower and educate community members to take an active role in protecting their drinking water.

In addition to their policy initiatives, TCWN’s Bringing Tap Back project encourages Tennesseans to cultivate healthy lifestyles by drinking more water. This effort has placed nearly 50 drinking/water bottle refill stations in schools, parks, and community centers across the state.

Perhaps nowhere in public life is clean water more important than in restaurants. Nearly every step between the production of food and the moment it’s served involves water in some way. Having clean water on tap in their restaurants can give operators the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing they’re protecting their patrons’ health and safety.

We want to encourage our readers to donate to TCWN by sponsoring KaTom’s Dragon Boat Race team. You may also set up a monthly gift to the organization. Your support will benefit hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans whose drinking water is cleaner thanks to TCWN’s efforts.

Tanner West
Tanner West

A dedicated festival-goer, Tanner West has seen more bands perform live in the middle of hay fields and city parks than most people have probably heard of. Raised on beans and taters, he recently renovated a home and three vintage sheds in the back woods of East Tennessee that serves as a quiet retreat for reading and ready base for hiking and camping trips. Despite being able to craft 500-word descriptions of restaurant equipment, Tanner is a man of few words who described the best meal he ever ate in one word: Coffee.

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