iSi Delivers a Royal Whipping

From Vienna, Austria, the very capital of whipped cream, comes the noble line of food and drink-whipping equipment known as iSi.

It’s pronounced “ee-see,” like the French word for “here.” And they do assert themselves, especially in a group. The polished stainless red or silver bottles are fitted with a martial-looking handle, steel valve, and smart heat-resistant silicon collar and accompanied by a rear guard of individually numbered, precisely filled 8-gram gas cylinders. Even if you’re a bartender or a chef or a maker of homemade fizzy drinks and you recognize iSi’s whippers, you may be surprised by the magic they make.

No sleight of hand, special training, or safety gear is required. You can trust iSi on this. Besides whippers and streamlined, supersmooth silicon spoons, spatulas and stuff, iSi makes airbags for the cars of Europe. Learn to load the iSi’s little chargers and you’ll be all set to pull off some truly remarkable tricks.

Rapid infusion. Cocktail snobs, you may never buy artisanal bitters again. Herbs, extracts, and other fresh ingredients added to spirits in the iSi can impart flavor of an intensity that will challenge your vocabulary. Learn the technique here.

“Pancrêpes.” Ordinary pancake batter from an iSi Creative Whip results in pancakes with biscuit-like loft and crêpe-like texture.PANCAKE-BATTER

Champagne from a can, anyone? Add Chardonnay to the iSi’s double-walled vacuum-sealed bottle, charge, and release. Voila, chilled DIY bubbly!

Should your imagination fail you, iSi offers totally do-able recipes fit for a royal family—like yours!

Elaine Evans
Elaine Evans Elaine Evans is thrilled to blog for KaTom, where her work in restaurants, bars, catering, and artisanal food has caught up at last with her career in journalism and public relations writing.