Check These Tailgating Necessities off Your List for the Perfect Tailgate Party

Tailgating Gear Guide

Tailgater Buying Guide

No. 1

Have you ever heard of a tailgating blender? Well, not only have we heard of one, but we are here to tell you all about it. The Waring Pro Tailgater blender has a 48-ounce carafe to prepare drinks for a crowd with pre-etched measuring lines on the glass. Here is the best part: The blender has a 15-foot cord with a DC plug for a 12-volt cigarette lighter in your car, truck, SUV, or even boat. Do I hear frozen margaritas?

No. 2

Need something to hold that delicious frozen drink? How about a double-walled, 16-ounce brew chiller? Think Solo cup, but the kind that lasts longer than the first round of pong or beyond the first touchdown. With a 16-ounce capacity and screw-on lid, you will be good to go through all the chaos of an exciting game.

No. 3

The grill. The knowledge that one needs a grill pretty much goes without explanation. However, the sheer excellence of this bad boy deserves discussion. The Big John, 6-foot grill is the king of all grills. With 15-square-feet of grilling space, the stadium concession stands may try to hire you. Here is the best part: This grill latches on to your trailer hitch and follows you wherever you go. So, home or away, it’s your traveling tailgate companion.

No. 4

These days, tailgating has taken a turn toward gourmet. Hamburgers and hotdogs no longer cut it. Think low country boil or even clam chowder. Whether you’re cooking up one of those regional favorites or boiling corn, you’re going to need a hearty set of stock pots. Big Johns Grills offers stock pot sets from 20-quart up to 80-quart. So, whether you are cooking for 20 or 200, we have you covered.

No. 5

Despite the fact that this looks like a tennis racket, it’s actually a Chef Master Bug Zapper. That’s right, tailgates can be pretty buggy. Just think about all those flies and mosquitos down near the University of Florida’s Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. They don’t call it the swamp for kicks. But, with this bug zapper, the bug swatting competition could get as heated as the on-field action.

No. 6

Right now we are looking at quite the tailgate feast but we are a few tools short. Every tailgate master needs a toolkit and we have just the set to do the job. Chef Master grilling tools include everything you will need to flip burgers, cut into juicy stakes, baste your barbecue, serve up that boiled corn, and much more.

Ready for your tailgate?

Every tailgate master does it a little different, but with these essentials you’ll be well on your way to success. Feel like you do it best or have the perfect recipe for success? Comment below and tell us all about it! We love hearing from the pros.

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Chelsea B. Sanz
Chelsea B. Sanz

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