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Social Media: Making Paid Ads Work for You Maintaining active accounts, responding tactfully to criticism, and engaging users on their favorite social media platforms all go a long way in building relationships with your community and drawing in new customers. Still, unless you’re also investing… Read More >

Solving Slumping Soft Drink Sales Soft drink sales have been declining for more than a decade. Fortune Magazine, reporting data provided by Beverage Digest, quotes that the average American consumed 650 8-ounce servings of soda in 2015, the lowest number since 1985. Soda manufacturers can… Read More >

The Highs and Lows of Rebranding a Restaurant When sales start to slow and public opinion begins to sour, many restaurants look to rebranding for revitalization. Beyond that, changes in management, simplifying the business’s identity, and capturing a new audience are other reasons to reinvent… Read More >

Celebrating National Doughnut Day with Sweet Smuckers Donuts The world has been enjoying treats that resemble the modern doughnut for centuries, but we’ve only had an official day to celebrate it since 1938. That’s when The Salvation Army of Chicago founded National Doughnut Day as… Read More >

The Future of Wine is Here The wine world is filled with varietals, sommeliers, decanting, and a bunch of other terms and practices that can make navigating it intimidating. Perhaps because wine has traditionally been made in European countries and christened with names that trouble… Read More >

Do Americans Have A Beef With Beef? The 21st century has seen the rise of Meatless Monday, the demonization of the “factory farm system”, and an announcement from the World Health Organization that red and processed meat may cause cancer. It hasn’t been a good… Read More >

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