Football Food Ads

Every year, brands pull out all the stops for the biggest sporting event of the year, producing impressive advertisements that will be viewed by millions of people. That kind of marketing doesn’t come cheap; this year, a 30-second spot cost over $5 million, and that doesn’t account for the salaries of any celebrities involved. Below are some of the best ads involving the food and beverage industry from Super Bowl LII.

Coca-Cola: The Wonder of Us

Coca-Cola has run ads during the big game for over a decade. This year, the company decided to go with a more sentimental ad, focusing on the diversity of their customer base and how Coke is a great fit for everyone.

Pepsi: This is the Pepsi

Much like Coca-Cola, Pepsi’s ad puts a focus on how Pepsi fits into a wide range of life experiences, except instead of using diversity, the ad instead shows how previous generations have enjoyed Pepsi. This year’s ad features cameos from former Pepsi commercial stars such as Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, Jeff Gordon, and Michael Jackson.

Jack in the Box: #JACKvsMARTHA

Jack in the Box’s minute-long commercial pits the big-headed mascot against Martha Stewart, after the lifestyle guru makes a derisive comment about fast food chicken sandwiches. Jack, of course, disagrees, and violence and hashtags ensue.

Avocados from Mexico: GuacWorld

Comedic actor Chris Elliot makes an appearance in this odd ad by Avacados from Mexico. Anarchy breaks out when people who have sealed themselves inside a bubble of perfection realize they have avocados, but no chips, which is understandably frightening.

Doritos and Mountain Dew: Blaze vs. Ice

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman go head to head in a rap battle in this ad, with Dinklage breathing fire for Doritos Blaze and Freeman covered in ice for Mountain Dew Ice. The original artists of the songs used in the spot, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott, also make brief appearances.

Michelob Ultra: The Perfect Fit and I Like Beer

Michelob Ultra went all out this year, with two one-minute commercials, both starring Chris Pratt. The first, The Perfect Fit, shows him getting in shape to properly represent Michelob Ultra, while he takes a backseat in I Like Beer, where he enjoys a drink in a bar with a lively crowd.

M&M’s: Human

If you’ve ever wondered what the red M&M would look like as a person, you can watch Danny Devito bring the beloved mascot to life in this commercial – which was preceded by this vaguely related teaser.

Pringles: Wow

While the word “wow” might be more commonly associated with Owen Wilson, Pringles called in Bill Hader to put the word to good use in response to chip flavor combinations.

Amazon: Alexa Loses Her Voice

This one isn’t advertising a food product, but it involves Gordon Ramsey, so it must be included. In this ad, Alexa loses her voice and is replaced by a number of celebrities, with mixed results.

Stella Artois and Taps

Stella Artois has teamed up with, so this commercial stars the non-profit organization’s co-founder, Matt Damon. The ad explains how buying a Stella Artois chalice can help bring clean water to developing countries.

Budweiser: Stand by You

In keeping with the water theme, Budweiser’s commercial aims to spread the word about how the company provides clean water to U.S. cities impacted by natural disasters. This year, that program has sent aid to areas in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California.

Bud Light: The Bud Knight

Bud Light has been running a number of medieval ads in the past few weeks, and this spot is a continuation of that theme – including the now-infamous, “Dilly dilly!”

Courtney Barkley
Courtney Barkley

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