We're sorry, but the product you were looking for is no longer available. You might be interested in this replacement item:

Discontinued Product Graphic Browne ALTD5PL Toothpick Dispenser 4"H Plastic Roll Style

Toothpick Dispenser 4"H Plastic Roll Style

Plastic toothpick dispenser; For round toothpicks only; 4.5'' height

Browne ALTD5PL Toothpick Dispenser

Product ID 158-HLTD5PL
Manufacturer ID ALTD5PL
Manufacturer Browne
Crated Weight 0.79
Replacement Product Graphic Update TPD-AC Toothpick Dispenser - Clear Acrylic

Browne ALTD5PL Replacement Product

Toothpick Dispenser - Clear Acrylic

Toothpick Dispenser, clear acrylic

Update TPD-AC Toothpick Dispenser

Product ID 370-TPDAC
Manufacturer ID TPD-AC
Manufacturer Update
Crated Weight 0.70