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Discontinued Product Graphic Ravenscroft W407 30 oz. Larchmont Decanter

30 oz. Larchmont Decanter

The massive Ravenscroft Crystal Larchmont Decanter is produced from ancient mineral deposits free of impurities. Your spirits will reflect brilliantly when resting in this lead-free Crystal decanter from Ravenscroft. Painstakingly handcrafted and polished by old world European craftsmen, this is sure to be passed on for generations!<BR /> <BR /> Height: 10 1/2 in. <BR /> Width: 5 1/2 in. <BR /> Capacity: 30 oz. <BR />

Ravenscroft W407 Wine Decanter & Aerator

Product ID 152-W407
Manufacturer ID W407
Manufacturer Ravenscroft
Crated Weight 8.40
Replacement Product Graphic Stolzle 40158/808547 Pisa 35-oz Decanter Carafe

Ravenscroft W407 Replacement Product

Pisa 35-oz Decanter Carafe

Carafe, 35 oz., Stolzle, Pisa

Stolzle 40158/808547 Wine Decanter & Aerator

Product ID 075-40158808547
Manufacturer ID 40158/808547
Manufacturer Stolzle
Crated Weight 13.50