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Discontinued Product Graphic Ravenscroft W3082 26 oz. Bishop Decanter

26 oz. Bishop Decanter

Handcrafted by the most highly committed European craftsmen, The Ravenscroft Bishop Decanter is produced from ancient mineral deposits, free of impurities. Using such raw materials eliminates the need to add lead as a clarifying agent. This classic form is the perfect spirits decanter. Hand made in Europe of the finest brilliant lead-free crystal. <BR /> <BR /> Height: 11 1/2 in. <BR /> Width: 4 1/2 in. <BR /> Capacity: 26 oz. <BR />

Ravenscroft W3082 Wine Decanter & Aerator

Product ID 152-W3082
Manufacturer ID W3082
Manufacturer Ravenscroft
Crated Weight 5.00
Replacement Product Graphic Stolzle 40149/758047 Purity 25-oz Decanter Carafe

Ravenscroft W3082 Replacement Product

Purity 25-oz Decanter Carafe

Carafe, 25 oz., Stolzle, Purity

Stolzle 40149/758047 Wine Decanter & Aerator

Product ID 075-40149758047
Manufacturer ID 40149/758047
Manufacturer Stolzle
Crated Weight 5.80