We're sorry, but the product you were looking for is no longer available. You might be interested in this replacement item:

Discontinued Product Graphic Stolzle S2050025 8-oz Martini Glass

8-oz Martini Glass

Martini Glass, 8 oz., Stolzle

Stolzle S2050025 Martini Glasses

Product ID 075-2050025
Manufacturer ID S2050025
Manufacturer Stolzle
Crated Weight 3.00
Replacement Product Graphic Stolzle 2050025T 8.5-oz Martini Glass

Stolzle S2050025 Replacement Product

8.5-oz Martini Glass

Martini Glass, 8-1/2 oz., Stolzle

Stolzle 2050025T Martini Glasses

Product ID 674-2050025T
Manufacturer ID 2050025T
Manufacturer Stolzle
Crated Weight 10.04