Pitcher, 4 qt., Straight-Sided, Stainless Steel

Polar Ware 4W Pitcher


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Polar Ware 4W Description

SKU: 002-4W

Pitcher, 4 qt., straight-sided, stainless steel.

Polar Ware 4W Specifications

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Weight 1.70

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    By on June 29, 2011

    "I wanted a 1-gallon pitcher for iced tea. Plastic is toxic; glass is breakable and too heavy; so that leaves stainless steel. I searched local stores and the web; this was the only 1-gallon stainless pitcher I could find anywhere (other than "bell" pitchers, which would tip over in the fridge and don't have lids). So even though it has no lid, I bought it hoping I could find a lid at home that would fit it, which I did. But the pitcher is very poorly designed. The handle is a thin strip of metal that is uncomfortable to hold and not thick enough to get a good grip on, which you need because the pitcher is very heavy when full. Also, the handle sticks out much too far from the side of the pitcher, making it even more difficult to lift because it is too far removed to get much leverage; the pitcher just sags down on the opposite side unless you use your other hand to support the bottom. The physics of the handle is all wrong. Also, the pouring spout indentation on the lip is so wide and shallow that it pours in a wide swath rather than a narrow, defined stream. You have to be very careful when you pour or it will spill all over the place. Too expensive for such poor design. Hard to believe that Polar Ware, who specializes in stainless products, would not have figured out a better design than this. And hard to believe that no other company makes a 1-gallon stainless pitcher for iced tea, especially now that it is well-known that plastic is toxic."
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