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Luxor Furniture Lifetime Warranty Offers Unparalleled Peace of Mind

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There’s an old saw plenty of consumers are familiar with that a product will only malfunction the day after the warranty runs out. That’s not an issue for customers of Luxor Furniture purchased through KaTom because every piece they order, from specialty carts to whiteboards, comes with a lifetime warranty against defects and flaws in workmanship.

That’s right, coverage for every piece of furniture, every whiteboard, and every flat screen TV cart produced by Luxor Furniture essentially until the end of time. That should tell you two things. First, Luxor Furniture is so confident about the quality of the construction and materials that go into every piece they make that they’re willing to stand behind them for life. Second, buying a Luxor product can provide you lasting peace of mind that, if it does malfunction, the company has your back.

Luxor Furniture MB7240WW Reversible Magnetic Whiteboard

Of course, there are some logical limitations on the Luxor Furniture lifetime warranty. For instance, if you buy a flat screen TV cart to move a television around an event hall, but also sometimes you allow your pet elephant to take joyrides on it, your warranty will be voided because you’ve put more weight on the TV cart than it’s designed to handle. Or, if you buy a reversible white board, then drill holes into it so that you can stick your arms through them and pretend they’re the arms of a dragon you’ve drawn on the front to scare a co-worker April Fool’s Day, you can’t file a warranty claim based on their being holes in the board because you did that. While a hilarious prank, it clearly has consequences you’ll have to live with.

Also, Luxor Furniture isn’t likely to honor claims made on furniture or equipment that has been used in a rental setting. Why? Well, just think of how people behave in a hotel room, which is sort of a one-night rental house. For the most part, they’re not going to be as careful as they are with the things in their own homes. The same is true of rental applications, where usage isn’t always to the best standards for the equipment.

To quote directly from the Luxor Furniture website:

Luxor Furniture WFP100 Flat Screen TV Cart

”All Luxor products are covered by a manufacturer's Limited* Lifetime Warranty against defects and workmanship. Any product that is defective in either materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's discretion. This warranty does not cover damage in transit or any modification to the product by the customer. This warranty is for the life of the product provided the product is used for its intended purpose and used with weight loads not exceeding those recommended.

*Since rental applications do not fall under the category of normal usage, Luxor will be unable to provide the Lifetime Warranty on units used for rental applications. We will, however, make parts and/or entire units available at a special purchase price upon request.”

KaTom has the whiteboards, specialty carts, and other items you need from Luxor Furniture

Whether you’re trying to decide what quality, lifetime-warrantied Luxor Furniture pieces you need or you’re ready to order, you can turn to KaTom for guidance and service, both before and after the sale. Please contact one of our helpful customer service representatives at 800.541.8683 or