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Yogurt Mountain New YoQuake Is Jack Approved

 The heat is on. With temperatures averaging the 90’s in Tennessee, you could say a little bit of cold refreshment would be in order. Thankfully our treasured KaTom customer, Yogurt Mountain, came to the rescue! Little Jack has been a fan of Yogurt Mountain since he was knee high to a grass hopper; he started early, paying our local Yogurt Mountain store a visit with his salesman dad, John. He’s grown a lot since his last visit but it doesn’t look like his taste buds have changed; he still enjoys a good cup of frozen yogurt.Little Jack brought along a few buddies for his most recent Yogurt Mountain adventure, this time at a Greenville, South Carolina location. Jack’s cousins, Drew and Milly, were more than happy to come with Jack to try out new topping/flavor combinations. There was also the exciting promise of trying out Yogurt Mountain’s newest product, the YoQuake!A few select Yogurt Mountain locations are testing out a special YoQuake machine in their stores. This machine makes it possible for the customer to come up with their own, custom yogurt milkshake.For example, if you were really hankering for a cherry amaretto frozen yogurt shake with blackberries, cheesecake bites, cherries, and a heavy dollop of Nutella...well, it will be served up quick with fresh whipped cream on top.Have you seen the Yogurt Mountain menu before? It’s delightfully extensive so the number of milkshake combination possibilities are endless! So far the new YoQuake machine has received nothing but praises and great reviews. What YoQuake would you make? Are you a banana-pudding-yogurt-shake-with-caramel-wafers-and-white-chocolate kind of girl or a s’mores-frozen-yogurt-with-chocolate-chips-and-marshmallow-cream kind of guy?Give us the heads up on your favorite YoQuake flavor combinations by commenting on the blog, sending us a tweet, hitting up the KaTom Facebook wall, our Google+ account, or our Youtube channel!!! 
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