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KaTom ConstructionIf you have spoken to someone from KaTom on the phone lately, you have probably heard lots of commotion in the background. As hard as we try to keep it quiet, it has been extremely difficult lately. As business continues to steadily grow and our company expands, we are taking the opportunity to grow as well, hiring additional staff and creating a more professional working environment. Our sales office has expanded tremendously, through the addition of cubicles to house each different department, as well as new offices for the internet team.

We are also very excited about our new conference room, which will be an excellent location for meetings, conference calls, and other important business matters. Our CEO has also been treated with a beautiful new office, which offers a complete view of the sales floor.

As exciting as these transformations are, our offices aren't the only part of KaTom getting a new look. Our showroom also has a completely new look! When customers come into KaTom, they will be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative who is likely to be behind an attractive new counter, complete with the KaTom logo & a few of the logos from our top brands. Once you pass the counter, you will see a spacious showroom, with displays from our leading manufacturers such as KitchenAid, True, Lodge, T & S Brass, Dexter-Russell, & many others. In our new showroom, we stock a large selection of items from our manufacturers, which allows customers to view items first hand before making their purchase. We stock small items, such as knives, bowls, & mixers, but are also proud to offer many larger items such as ovens, refrigerators, and proofing / holding cabinets.

We encourage you to come by and take a look at KaTom's new showroom, but if you can't stop by, we are providing a few pictures of our new look! Let us know what you think!

Bunn Display

Brute Trash Cans

Boxes & Shelving


Johnson-Rose Display




Front Counter


KitchenAid Display

Lodge Display

Display Under Construction


Rubbermaid Display