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The Soft Serve Craze: Yogurt Mountain!

Baby at YMMost of us adore ice cream, I know I do! With each frigid yet delightful bite we encounter the same giddy happiness as we did in our childhoods. Did you know ice cream has been around for over 298 years? It's no wonder everyone has a favorite flavor by now! But what if you're looking to cut a few calories? Sadly ice cream is notoriously high in fat. A healthier alternative to this sweet dairy treat is frozen yogurt. I've tried it and its pretty it has less calories than ice cream. Bonus! Most places I've been to that carry soft serve frozen yogurt only have a tops of four standard flavors though, not making the experience nearly as customizable as choosing from 32 flavors of ice cream. Recently I was introduced to a business called "Yogurt Mountain" and frankly their menu is rapidly changing the way people, and me!, think about frozen yogurt. I was astounded at the array of flavors they offered...and the toppings, well there’s a whole bunch of those too! The baby got to visit one of the South Carolina locations with John and experienced the “Yogurt Mountain craze himself. All in all he thoroughly enjoyed himself and his frozen soft serve yogurt which brings to question....what flavor would you pick? Frozen Yogurt!
The consensus in our own office is that overall chocolate is the favorite flavor, cinnamon toast crunch and strawberries were tied in the topping category, and the favorite sauce was butterscotch. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t see some crazy creations when conducting this survey. One of our girls, Lyndsay, stated that if she had the choice she would love to have “Vanilla and Chocolate frozen yogurt with graham crackers, chocolate chips, cinnamon toast crunch, blackberries, blue berries, strawberries, brownies, and raspberries with a honey sauce topping. Talk about variety! You go girl!  

You may be thinking to yourself “There is no way they are going to make something like that but the truth is that at Yogurt Mountain they charge you by the ounce so your combinations are endless! Snickerdoodle cookie dough yogurt paired with lucky charms, drenched with mandarin oranges and kiwi lime sauce? Totally do-able at Yogurt Mountain if you so choose. For a full menu and locations feel free to visit the Yogurt Mountain Website. If the baby gives it a thumbs up, you know it’s got to be some good stuff!