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New Blog Structure!

Thanks to a great idea by John, a member of our outside sales team, our blog is going to have a new structure! Beginning later this week, the blog will have a theme for every day, allowing you to know what's coming and even know exactly which day to check for your favorite information! You can expect each day of the week to bring the following information:

  • Monday - Industry News

  • Tuesday - New Products

  • Wednesday - Recipes

  • Thursday - Open Post / Guest Blogger Day

  • Friday - Interactive Blog Day

Our Monday "Industry News" day will bring all kinds of interesting news from around the restaurant industry and the foodservice equipment industry. This news will vary, from information about certain vendors to restaurant openings. We might even sneak in a restaurant review every so often.

Tuesday's "New Products" blog will provide lots of exciting information about new products we are carrying, as well as those we intend to carry in the near future. Tuesday's blogs could be a review of the product, general information, or even a summary and link to a review from someone else.

The Recipe blogs on Wednesday will provide you with delicious and appealing meals for you to try. We'd love to hear back from you on these, telling us if you tried them and how you liked or disliked them, whichever applies. Always feel free to share your opinions or experiences with one of our recipes!

Thursday's "Open Post / Guest Blogger Day" will be a day that guest bloggers from around the industry can share their opinions and feelings on matters pertinent to the foodservice or equipment business. This will also be a day that we can share any kind of interesting or relevant news with you. This is guaranteed to be an interesting day!

Friday's "Interactive Blog Day" might possibly be the most exciting day of all! We hope to encourage reader and customer feedback through our blog every day, but will make a distinct effort on Fridays. You should always check for contests or giveaways on these days as well!