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Manitowoc NEO ice machines are the “everywhere you need ice machine”

Manitowoc NEO Ice Maker

Let’s face it: There is absolutely nothing cool about crawling around on the floor of your restaurant, with a bag of tools in tow, because the ice machine has gone on the blink again. This summer, embrace the heat with the Manitowoc NEO ice machine that is sure to keep you calm, cool, and collected through any situation thrown your way.

Manitowoc’s NEO ice machine comes equipped with a slew of options and conveniences. Let’s take a look.

NEO Ice Maker Delivers Performance to Meet Demand

The NEO delivers from 130 to 225 pounds of ice per 24 hours, which is up to 40 pounds more per day than its predecessor machines in the Q series. All that comes in a space-saving 26-inch-wide undercounter design. That compact design coupled with its production capacity makes the NEO the industry frontrunner in performance.

For those searching for a machine that can actually communicate with you, it’s here. The NEO ice machine has a handy, LED-lit panel to provide feedback at a moment’s glance. The panel includes four indicator buttons including power, delay, cleaning, bin full, and service. The unique delay option allows the operator to delay ice production for 4, 12, or 24 hours allowing for lower energy and water consumption. The service button takes all the guessing out by simply illuminating when routine maintenance is necessary. This machine is most definitely made with you in mind.


When running a business, convenience is certainly a good friend. The NEO offers fingerprint-resistant exterior panels, a removable ice bin for easy access to internal components, thumbscrew component access (no tools required), and even a new hygiene-focused scoop to affix to the machine’s right or left, whichever is more convenient for you. In the midst of a busy work day, it’s good to know someone else provided a few conveniences just for you.

With constant traffic, the importance of cleanliness can’t be stressed enough. But more importantly, the importance of time may be an even greater factor. The Manitowoc NEO ice machine is built with both of these very important issues in mind. The machine is equipped with a removable ice bin and pop-out air filter- again, no tools required - that can be simply cleansed in the dishwasher. These features make quick and clean an achievable reality.

The NEO Ice Maker Offers Energy Savings that Add Up

There is a lot of talk around energy efficiency these days but let’s talk about energy savings. The Manitowoc NEO undercounter ice machine offers a 10% reduction in energy and a 25% reduction in water consumption. Those are savings that will quickly add up. This ENERGY STAR model outperforms in energy conservation more than ever before.

The NEO Ice Maker Boasts Ease of Serviceability for Top Performance

Routine maintenance shouldn’t take up half your day or require redecorating your workspace to create enough room. With the NEO ice machine forward sliding bin, simply slide the exterior shell forward to access internal mechanisms for quick and easy maintenance. Even better, NEO takes the guessing out of when to provide service and notifies you by illuminating the exterior service button.

Whether you’re just starting a business or simply tired of the hassle your old machine provides, the NEO ice machine is equipped with the solutions for nearly any situation. If ease of access, energy conservation, and quality performance sound like much-needed additions to your business, check out the NEO today.


Ready for your new Manitowoc NEO ice machine?

Interested in making the NEO ice machine a part of your business? For more information about the Manitowoc NEO ice machine, contact KaTom today and we will be glad to help you with any questions or sales needs. To contact us today, call 1-800-541-8683 or e-mail