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Rosle 19222 Magnetic Digital Multi-Timer
  • Rosle 19222 Magnetic Digital Multi-Timer
  • SKU: 165-19222
  • Magnetic Digital Multi-Timer, two separate digital timing functions with settings up to ten hours for comfortable and flexible time control. After expiration of pre-set timing period, an acoustic signal is emitted and the back light comes on. The display shows how much time has elapsed since the completion of the countdown. Cooking time can be further extended up to 30 minutes without reactivating the timer. Magnet on back for use on rail, fridge or range hood. Uses commonly available batteries. Classical flat design with stainless steel front face. Multi-Timer features an built-in digital clock for additional utility. Self explanatory use with large ergonomic setting dial for convenient setting of time span. Big format digital display with red back light makes timer easy to read. Manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel and synthetic material.
Rosle 12815 60-min Egg Timer
Lodge A280 5-in deep Fry Thermometer w/ 100-400 Degree Range
Taylor 5896 Digital Timer w/ 2.5 x 1-3/5-in LCD & Memory Function, Jumbo Readout
Display 12 Items Per Page
1 - 4 of 4 Items
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