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Comark PDT300 Waterproof Pocket Thermometer, Digital, -58 to 300 F
Comark T220A Pocket Thermometer, 1 in Dial, 5 in, SS, Watertight, 0 to 220 F
Comark KM28/P5 Handheld Thermometer Kit
  • Comark KM28/P5 Handheld Thermometer Kit
  • SKU: 113-KM28P5
  • Comark Thermocouple Kit. Kit comes with KM28 Thermometer, PK19m insertion probe. CRS/5 protective rubber boot, 9V battery and AC315 carrying case KM28 Designed to meet the US Food Code. KM28 with large LCD and auto switch-on to save battery life. KM28, water resistant and easily cleanable with membrane keypad. Sensor Type: Thermocouple K-type. Measurement Range: -40 to 1000 F. Accuracy: F. Resolution: 0.1 to 374 F 1 above. Operating Range: 32 to 122F. Battery Life: Up to 300 hours with alkaline battery.
Comark PDQ400 Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer, -4 to 400 F
  • Comark PDQ400 Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer, -4 to 400 F
  • SKU: 113-PDQ400
  • Waterproof Digital Thermometer with under 6 second response, maximum temperature hold for commercial dishwashers, field calibratable, -4 to 400 F (-20 to 200 C), auto power off, fits flat in pocket, data hold to freeze a reading, NSF, Five Year Limited Warranty, with BioCote anti-microbial coating.
Comark DT400 Thermometer, Pocket, Digital, 1 Degree Accuracy, Waterproof
Comark CD550 Candy Deep Fry Thermometer, 2-1/4 in Dial, 12 in Stem, 50 to 550 F
Comark 300 Oval Thin Tip Digital Pocket Thermometer
Comark 300B Oval Digital Thermometer w/ Farenheit Celsius Switchable, Thin Tip
Comark T160A Pocket Thermometer w/ Dial, Minus 40 To 160-Degrees F, Display Box
Comark OT600K Oven Thermometer w/ Mercury Filled Glass Tube, Stainless
Comark T550A/BOXED Watertight Pocket Thermometer, Dial, 50 to 550 F
Comark MT200K Meat Thermometer, 2-3/4in Dial, 120 to 200 F
Comark T220/3 Pocket Thermometer, 1-3/4 in Dial, 5 in, SS, Watertight, 0 to 220 F
Comark DHH Dial Hot Holding Thermometer w/ Temperature Range up to 180F
Comark ATT865 Replacement Probe
Comark CF400K Confectionary Deep Fry Thermometer, Paddle Type, Temp Range 100-400F
Comark DOT2AK Oven Thermometer, Dial, 200 - 550 F Range, SS, NSF
Comark DT15 Hand Held Digital Temperature Tester, Plus/Minus 1-Degree F
Comark DT300 Digital Pocket Thermometer w/ Data Hold Button
Comark DT300NSF Pocket Thermometer, Digital, Data Hold Button, -58 to 300 F
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Comark EOT1K Economy Oven Thermometer w/ Dial, Stainless
Comark N2012 Thermistor Data Logger w/ LCD, Up To 4-External Sensors
Comark N2014 Thermocouple Data Logger w/ Internal Thermistor Sensor
Comark T200L 1-in Dial Coffee Espresso Pocket Thermometer w/ Clip
Comark T220/38A Pocket Thermometer w/ 1.75-in Dial & 8-in Stem, 0 To 220-Degrees F
Comark T220A/BOXED Pocket Thermometer w/ 1.75-in Dial & 5-in Stem, Individually Boxed
Comark T220AK Pocket Thermometer w/ 1.75-in Dial & 5-in Stem
Comark T550/38 Pocket Thermometer w/ Dial & 8-in Stem, 50 To 550-Degrees F
Comark FP FoodPro Infrared Thermometer w/ -20 to 400F Range
Comark GT500K Grill Thermometer, 2 in Dial, Temperature Range 0 - 500 F
Comark HLA1 Digital Cooking Cooling Alarm, Thermometer & Timer w/ 36-in Probe
Comark KM14 Digital Waterproof Dishwasher Pocket Thermometer
Comark 314 Waterproof Digital Pen-Type Pocket Thermometer
Comark ATT19 Oven Probe with Clip, 4 ft, Type J
Comark KM28KIT Thermocouple Temperature Tester, Digital, Temp Range -40 to 1000
Comark KM28/P8 Type K Thermocouple Temperature Tester, PK19M/SK22M/ATT19 Probe
Comark PK20M Type K Oven Dishwasher Probe w/ 3-ft Lead, 4-in Stem
Comark PT19L 1/16-in Type T Thin Tip Penetration Probe w/ 3-in Stem
Comark PW200T Antibacterial Probe Wipes, 200 per Box
Comark PW70T Antimicrobial Probe Wipes, 3 in x 5 in, 70 per Container
Comark SK40M Type K Weighted Grill Probe w/ 30-in Armour Cable
Comark SK42M Surface Probe w/ 45 Crank & 39-in Curly Lead, Type K
Comark T125 Pocket Thermometer w/ 1-in Dial & 5-in Stem, 25 To 125-Degrees F
Comark CD400K Candy Deep Fry Thermometer w/ Adjustable Temperature Indicator
Comark PK24M/US Penetration Probe w/ 4-in Stem, Type K
Comark C28 Hand Held Digital Type K Waterproof Thermocouple Thermometer
Comark C28/P13 Type K Waterproof Thermocouple Probe, PK24M Penetration
Comark N9005 Waterproof Industrial Thermometer w/ High Impact Case
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1 - 48 of 153 Items
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