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A buying guide for choosing the right Hobart commercial convection oven

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Every chef knows the key to offering a great menu or crafting those perfect dishes that keep customers coming back is consistency in the commercial kitchen. When it comes to cooking, you can rely on Hobart convection ovens to provide the predictable, even heating you need.

What is a convection oven and what makes Hobart’s convection ovens so special?

Hobart convection ovens use fans inside the cooking compartment to circulate heated air. A standard or conventional oven, like those found in most residential settings, doesn’t do that, which means there can be areas that are hotter or colder than the target temperature. The fans help spread the cooking power evenly throughout the unit, providing consistency in the final product. That also helps the product cook in about 30 percent less time than it would in a conventional oven.

Hobart convection ovens fan

Since it acquired a line of convection ovens, among other things, from General Electric in 1980, Hobart has been working to improve and perfect these commercial kitchen standards. The company offers them in half-size countertop and full-size floor models, and has an option of electric or gas for each model. The full-size convection ovens also offer the opportunity of single or double decks, meaning as many as 10 racks of perfect heating.

Hobart convection ovens are also all equipped with a switch that initiates rapid cool down, shutting down the heating element while keeping the blower motor running to dissipate the heat. That allows them to more quickly get to temperatures safe for cleaning.

Choosing the right Hobart commercial convection oven

The first consideration is what size convection oven you’ll need, with that decision based, probably obviously, on how much you’ll be using your oven. If you have a small commercial kitchen with light cooking demands, a half-size convection oven, which is small enough to fit on a countertop if space is tight, might be perfect for you. They’re also a great complement to another commercial convection oven that your need has outgrown or can be expanded to two sections for more cooking space.

If you do more large batch cooking or baking, a full-size oven in either a single- or double-deck model might be the best choice. But read on for more information to help you make the right choice.

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Half-size Hobart convection ovens

Despite their smaller stature, Hobart half-size convection ovens are loaded with features that make them a dream to operate, help save you money, and generally make them a stand-out in any commercial kitchen. They’re available in electric, natural gas, and liquid propane models, all with stainless steel bodies, doors seals, and door liners. The door itself has a glass window for checking on the product inside and is constructed of porcelain enamel-coated stainless steel.

These units can hold up to an 18x13-inch pan and Hobart half-size convection ovens come with five racks that can be reconfigured among nine rack positions. That maximizes output by allowing you to make the most of the space in the cooking compartment, enabling, for instance, a couple sheet pans and a couple deeper pans, or whatever combination you may need to make.

HEC20-208V Hobart half-size convection oven

Half-size Hobart convection ovens come with recessed controls and solid state thermostats, making them easy to use. High density insulation in the walls and doors of each unit prevent heat loss and reduce ambient heating, helping keep the door handle cool to the touch.

Hobart has also equipped these commercial convection ovens with door interlock switches that ensure the blower and heater don’t run when the door is open. That not only cuts down on heating of the kitchen area, it also saves money on utilities from power not being used to keep those parts of the machinery cranking when they don’t need to be.

Additionally, Hobart half-size convection ovens come with permanently lubricated fan motors that eliminate the need for routine motor maintenance. That could save you man hours or money spent hiring someone to come in and keep the gears turning. It also helps avoid potential break-downs that could mean you lose an oven during a busy service time.

Half-size Hobart convection ovens are small enough to sit on a countertop with 4-inch legs below them or they can be placed on an optional stand from Hobart that lifts them 34 inches, making them suitable for use as a floor unit.

If you feel confident enough already, feel free to shop KaTom’s selection of Hobart half-size convection ovens. If not, please read on to learn more about these and other commercial convection ovens in the company’s lineup. Or, skip ahead to learn about electric half-size Hobart convection ovens or gas half-size Hobart convection ovens.

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Full-size Hobart convection ovens

Hobart full-size convection oven

Hobart full-size convection ovens can accept an 18x26-inch pan, with a wider body and five nickel-plated racks, with 11 rack positions per section. Solid-state temperature controls offer settings from 150 degrees F to 500 degrees. Each section has a 60-minute timer with an audible alarm to let you know when your product has done its time in the hot box.

Hobart’s attention to detail shines through on its full-size convection ovens through computer controls that come standard on certain models. They include a digital time and temperature readout, to enable you to ensure your food is properly cooked, and a 24-hour timer with audible alarm, for longer cooking jobs.

One particularly handy feature available only on full-size Hobart convection ovens and part of the computer controls is a cook and hold control. That allows you to bring food products to the proper temperature, then keep them there without burning them until you’re ready to serve.

All Hobart full-size convection ovens have stainless steel bodies and come standard with painted legs. They’re available with either solid or glass doors.

If you’re ready to shop KaTom’s selection of full-size Hobart convection ovens, go ahead. For a bit more direction, keep reading.

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Single deck convection oven or double deck convection oven?

Hobart double deck convection oven

Opting for a Hobart full-size convection oven isn’t the only way to increase your cooking space. Both full-size convection ovens and half-size convection ovens can be expanded by opting for a double-deck convection oven over the standard single-deck convection oven. Every one of the Hobart convection ovens comes ready for conversion, but you can also opt for ones that come pre-stacked.

As the name implies, a double-deck convection oven is simply two times the oven, meaning you have room for more food cooking at once, enabling you to increase your kitchen’s output. A second full-size or half-size convection oven, sans the legs, is stacked on top of the standard one. For a half-size convection oven, that means a total of 10 racks, while a double-deck full-size convection oven would end up with 20. Not only does that increase your potential output, since each deck has its own controls, you can cook multiple dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

For full-size convection ovens, legs are cut from 25.75-inches to 8 inches for a double deck unit. Total height is 70 inches, compared to the 56.75 inches for a single-deck, full-size convection oven.

Hobart half-size convection ovens measure 68.25 inches tall, with 16.75-inch legs below when they’re double deck. Standard single-deck, half-size convection ovens stand 30.5 inches tall on 4-inch legs.

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Gas convection oven or electric convection oven?

This choice may be as simple as evaluating whether both options are open to you. If your commercial kitchen is only equipped for electric or if gas isn’t available in your area, you’ll obviously need an electric convection oven. If, by some highly unlikely set of circumstances, your commercial kitchen runs only on natural gas or liquid propane, with no electricity, opt for the gas convection oven.

Those whose choice isn’t made by one of those potentials can read on to learn some of what differentiates Hobart electric convection ovens from Hobart gas convection ovens.

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Electric half-size Hobart convection ovens

For Hobart half-size electric convection ovens, a ½-horsepower motor cranks at 1725-1140 RPM to power the two-speed blower motor. The whole unit brings a rated power input of 5.5 KW per section. Inside the cooking compartment on the right side, tubular heating elements encircle the blower, ensuring even heat distribution.

Hobart electric convection oven

The wiring and connections for Hobart half-size electric convection ovens are located behind and below the control panel. They are accessed from the front for needed maintenance, though tension-free, corrosion-resistant connections should cut down on that.

All electric Hobart convection ovens come wired for 1- or 3-phase power supply.

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Hobart electric full-size convection ovens

Hobart full-size electric convection ovens operate with one ½-horsepower, two-speed blower motor, wrapped with its own set of tubular heating coils, per section. Rated power input is 12.5 KW for each section, with full-size electric convection ovens wired for either 208- or 240-volt, 60-Hz, 1- or 3-phase operation. There is an option to grow that to a 480-volt, 60-Hz, 3-phase wiring, which you can request when ordering from KaTom.

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Half-size Hobart gas convection ovens

Hobart gas convection oven

Hobart half-size gas convection ovens can save you money on fuel because they need only 25,000 BTU/hr. per section, drawn from either natural gas or liquid propane. These units are equipped with a baffle inside the cooking compartment, near the tubular heat exchanger and the blower wheel. A gas pressure regulator, which comes standard on all gas half-size Hobart convection ovens, eliminates the need for field installation because it is preset at the factory for optimal pressure.

Because these gas convection ovens employ an electronic igniter in addition to the 1/3-horsepower blower motor, they require power from an included 62-inch, 120-volt power cord that provides the rated .95 KW per section.

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Full-size Hobart gas convection ovens

Hobart full-size gas convection ovens have one 44,000 BTU/hr. per section, ensuring complete heating with the help of a ½-horsepower, two-speed blower that runs at 208 or 240 volts. That and an electronic spark ignition are both powered by a 6-foot cord and plug rated to 9 amps, with a 115/60/1 power source required for operation.

Every Hobart full-size gas convection oven comes with a ¾-inch gas connection that is equipped with a combination gas pressure regulator and safety solenoid system, to ensure safe operation.

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So there you have it. Hopefully by now you have a pretty good idea which Hobart commercial convection oven is right for you. However, if you still need some help, please call one of our helpful customer service representatives at 800.541.8683 or e-mail us at