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So You Want An Outdoor Bar Area...

When warmer weather comes around, outdoor bars start getting business. Adding an outdoor bar to your restaurant’s patio area can be a profitable venture, especially if your restaurant already boasts an indoor bar area. There are several supplies your outdoor bar will need to be successful.

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Your outdoor bar area will bring in more patrons if it has a great atmosphere. To accomplish the right look supplies like decorative table top pieces, table umbrellas, and eye pleasing bar outdoor furniture are a must! Add a natural touch with fiberglass outdoor planters full of flowers and vegetation. Don’t forget about using unique bar restaurant drinking glasses to excite the eyes of your patrons.

Equip Your Bar

Blended beverages are sure to be in high demand so the addition of a high quality bar blender is vital. To reduce unpleasant noise pollution, be sure to find a bar blender model with a quiet shield, like the Vita Mix Quiet One or the Blendtec Smoother 13Q blender package. Your bar will also need quality bar refrigeration equipment like bar coolers, undercounter freezers, and wine merchandisers. The bar area will also need a glass chiller and under counter ice maker for keeping beverages cool in the warm weather. Who could forget the bar beer dispenser either? Make sure you have a kegerator with the proper number of taps needed to keep up with outdoor business!

Don’t forget about the bartending supplies & bar accessories! Add bar speed rails, bar pourers, shakers, bar glass racks, bar glass washers for cleaning, and even bar matting to your to-get-list of supplies. These items will make your bar easier to navigate and will improve the efficiency of service. Your bar will also need a hand sink for keeping your employees hand’s sanitary and commercial sink for cleaning drinkware!

Mix It Up A Little

You can start off like everyone else serving Bloody Marys and Slow Gin Fizzes but that doesn’t differentiate your business from the competition. Work with your bartending staff to come up with custom drinks that can only be found at your establishment; if your guests enjoy your business native creations, they WILL return for them!

Permits, Laws, & Regulations

Just as food service businesses have certain rules and regulations, so do bars. Several types of liquor licenses as well as proper employee licensing and education is vital to a bar business. Many of these rules and permits vary depending on the state, county, and city you are located in. Be sure to visit the following site to learn more about what fees and licensing your business should have:

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