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Product Reviews: Libbey Glass 1629/69292 21-oz Fizzazz Giant Beer Glass - Nucleation Etching
Libbey Glass (1629/69292)
Product Code: 634-162969292
Taste a whole new side to your beer! 02/20/2013
Comments about Libbey Glass 21-oz Fizzazz Giant Beer Glass - Nucleation Etching:

I was excited to try Libbey Fizzazz glasses, knowing how the release of carbonation can enhance the flavor of beer. These giant beer glasses lived up to the hype; I tasted sides to my brews that I never noticed before. If you're buying them for a restaurant or bar, I would definitely let customers know about the glasses you're using. They'll appreciate you going the extra mile for them and they'll love the taste. I use these at home, but they're made for commercial use. In washing them, I have a couple times banged a glass against the side of the sink with no effect. They're extremely durable. Speaking of washing, it can be a challenge to get to the bottom of the glass with the wash rag or dish towel if washing by hand. However, they come clean of things like finger oils that can mar the experience with just hot water, thanks to their polished finish. So, a high-temp dishwasher shouldn't have any issue.