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Product Reviews: Globe SP8 8-Qt Mixer w/ Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip, Flat Beater, Guard
Globe (SP8)
Product Code: 605-SP8
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Perfect for homes that kill kitchenaids 05/10/2013
Comments about Globe 8-Qt Mixer w/ Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip, Flat Beater, Guard:

I have a 20 year old Kitchenaid that has never failed. It makes simple breads and one loaf wonderfully. But when I got into making artisian breads, the old Kitchenaid just walked all over the counter and eventually couldn't fulfill the task. So, I bought a 5Qt Kitcheaid and was disappointed when it stripped its gears making 2 loafs of white bread. Returned it and the second one did the same in 2 months of making bread every weekend. So... I expanded my budget, returned the Kitchenaid for a refund, and set out to get something better. I considered the Hobart 5qt but it was too expensive. So, I got the Globe 8QT and it was a good price and a good size for the kitchen. On receiving, my first batch was 3 loafs of white bread that would have killed the kitchenaid... and the Globe 8Qt largely didn't seem to notice. The motor sounded like it didn't even have anything in the bowl and it plowed through the mixing for 12 minutes without any problems. It never even heated up like the kitchenaid did. It's like having a 450 horse power truck driving on a flat road even when towing a 25000 pound trailer. This thing is perfect for my weekend bread making hobby and the price is right to make it affordable.