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Product Reviews: Globe SP5 5-Qt Mixer w/ Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip, Flat Beater, Cover
Globe (SP5)
Product Code: 605-SP5
Great Mixer! 04/03/2012
Comments about Globe 5-Qt Mixer w/ Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip, Flat Beater, Cover:

I wanted a reliable mixer for home use and didn't want to buy a rebranded [*]made one hiding behind an american name; I've read about so many problems with quality. I did some research and found this one made by Globe in Dayton Ohio. I've had it for a month now and put it through it paces, doing single and double batches of bread, pasta and pizza dough. The machine handles it very well without a huge strain; it does seem very heavy duty for home use and expect years of good service from it. The accessory port does take standard attachments, Although Globe doesn't sell attachments specifically for this model, I use a pasta roller/cutter made by another popular mixer manufacturer; The instructions do not mention this is possible.