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Product Reviews: True TDD-2 59" Draft Beer Cooler - Holds 2-Kegs, 2-Columns, Black
True Refrigeration (TDD-2)
Product Code: 598-TDD2
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Nice machine, and fast shipment. 05/29/2011
Comments about True Refrigeration 59" Draft Beer Cooler - Holds 2-Kegs, 2-Columns, Black:

I use this draft beer dispenser in the garage next to an attached deck for weekend entertainment. It is a super machine, and right now I have three 5.2 gal kegs plus a pony keg in it with room to spare. The only negatives I have don't impact me. I would not recommend for inside the home, since it's little noisy, and condensation causes some drips on the floor. But in the garage it's not a problem. Also the headroom limits the taller 5.2 gal kegs to the front of the compartment, but you can still get four or five in there.