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Product Reviews: Cadco FTCG200 Glass Ceramic Fry Top Griddle w/ Adjustable Thermostat, 208-240 V
Cadco (FTCG200)
Product Code: 516-FTCG200
Great promise, poor performance 05/18/2013
Comments about Cadco Glass Ceramic Fry Top Griddle w/ Adjustable Thermostat, 208-240 V:

This review is from: Cadco Glass-Ceramic Fry Top 220-Volt Griddle (Kitchen) I was petty impressed when I read the description of the Cadco FTCG-200. Infrared heat and a glass ceramic cooking surface sounded great. As a commercial griddle it would be good for late customers arriving after the main griddle was cleaned and shut down. For home it is a good size for a family of four and up. And I have always had good luck with other Cadco cooking appliance. The only drawback (I thought) was it is 220v which many home kitchens don't have. I ordered one from FSW which was shipped from Cadco but said UNOX-200 instead of Cadco-200. I called Cadco and they said the UNOX is the Italian model but is the same as the FTCG-200. It looks pretty much the same except Cadco is on the right end of the unit and does not have an on/off button.It turns on when you rotate the temperature knob..In fact the units are made in Italy under the Unox name but the ones sent to the US have say Cadco This does not bother me but it would be nice to have a on off power button instead of power light that is on when the infrared burner is on. I looked up the owners manual for the FTG-200 since the UNOX did not come with a manual and it said to set the temperature and the grill would be ready in 2-3 minutes. I set it to 400 degrees and the power coil turned bright red and started to heat. Then it turned off in about 4 seconds. It stayed off for about 6 seconds and the temp dropped a couple of degrees. This cycle continued heating the griddle about 25 degrees a minute or 250 degrees in 10 minutes. It took a little over 15 minutes to heat to 400. The owners manual says it will be ready in 2-3 minutes. I bought a laser thermometer to check surface temperature. I called Casco and was told they were all like that "to preserve the life of the infrared coil". My toaster has infrared coils and stays on until it browns. and las lasted 15 years.How delicate is the infrared coil? After all it is 220v.I emailed the technical dept. twice (Gary) but got nothing back. At this point I called FSW where I bought it and they were great. They called Cadco and were told the same story. I could return it but the new unit would be exactly the same. All they have to do is change the cycle time, more heat and less rest. I will wait until it is redesigned or hopefully some other company will use the infrared with the glass top and a better cycle time. The pancake batter takes 5 minutes then you wait 10 more for the griddle to heat up. I returned it since I have cheaper griddles that heat up much more quickly and maintain heat better So take a chance if you want but I have not seen any reviews that say it works as advertised. And, again, Cadco insisted they were all like that. Too bad for a company that normally makes quality cooking appliances.