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Product Reviews: KitchenAid KP26M1XBU Professional 600 Series Mixer With Pouring Shield, 6 Qt, Cobalt Blue
KitchenAid (KP26M1XBU)
Product Code: 449-KP26M1XBU
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NOT the Kitchen-Aid of the Past! 12/06/2013
Comments about KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Mixer With Pouring Shield, 6 Qt, Cobalt Blue:

2013-12 Thumbs Down! I was a Kitchen-Aid fan but their product quality & warranty dropped to last place. Why? These two scenarios will convince you. I bought a Kitchen-Aid Professional 600 Mixer 3-years ago & used it approx. 1-time per month. Our machine's gears were stripped mixing dough on speed-2 (Kitchen-aid required speed). Kitchen-aid estimates repair cost above $100 & I pay shipping each way. This is their PROFESSIONAL model? My 2nd Scenario: My father bought a Kitchen-Aid, home model, 37-years ago, which I still own. I am 1 of 10-children & we used that mixer 20-times per month, making cakes, bread, grinding meat, grating cheese & potatoes. The machine was used on top speeds & on occasion got stuck in dough, or pressure on grater or meat grinder. Never did we strip a gear. The machine has never been repaired. It's never been in for maintenance. The machine still works! The dough hook runs above speed-2. I do NOT recommend Kitchen-Aid as their quality was left in the past!