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Product Reviews: Hoshizaki HNC-120BA-R-S 47.2" Sushi Case w/ (2) Doors - Right Compressor, 115v
Hoshizaki (HNC-120BA-R-S)
Product Code: 440-HNC120BARS
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Right or Left? 05/21/2011
Comments about Hoshizaki 47.2" Sushi Case w/ (2) Doors - Right Compressor, 115v:

The quality of the product itself is something you can rely on. We used to have Turbo-Air brands' display case but due to the temperature doesn't really go down and is held higher than it's supposed to be (41F by law) especially in summer season, we decided to replace it with reliable Hoshizaki's product. We are happy to see the temperature is usually being held at 39F. To everybody tries to get this (or any display case), don't get complicated in choosing Right or Left refrigeration! Right means the condensing unit is on right hand side from customers' standpoint, not from chefs' side!!