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Product Reviews: Update International BFRK-21HD 21" Cook's Fork - Heavy-Duty Stainless
Update International (BFRK-21HD)
Product Code: 370-BFRK21HD
Exactly what I wanted 07/21/2011
Comments about Update International 21" Cook's Fork - Heavy-Duty Stainless:

I bought this fork along with a long-handled spoon that was similar. Just like the spoon, this fork worked great. I used it for hours and never set it down, and not once did it bend or warp. Lack of fancy wooden handles and stuff eliminated the possibility of them breaking, or getting slippery with sauce (which I hate). It kept my hands out of the heat and was worth every cent. As with the spoon, my only complaint is that late in the day the edges of the handle fatigued my grip. It isn't a problem to grit your teeth and power through it (you aren't going to bleed or something), but it was notable. This fork, along with the spoon, are fantastic tools. They're solid and sturdy, easy to clean. And the price is fantastic.