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Product Reviews: Town Food Service 56816 10-Cup Rice Cooker w/ Auto Cook & Hold, 120 V
Town Food Service (56816)
Product Code: 296-56816
Excellent No-Frills domestic rice cooker 03/14/2013
Comments about Town Food Service 10-Cup Rice Cooker w/ Auto Cook & Hold, 120 V:

If you are looking for an inexpensive, No-Frills classic rice cooker for household use, this is one of the best deals. Despite the simple looks, this is built as well or better than some much more expensive rice cookers and cooks most varieties of white (and some brown) rice perfectly. If you are not a fan of the latest computerised rice cookers and can do without the programs to cook all kinds of non-rice things, this unit will do the trick. I like the rather old-fashioned and classic look of it as well.