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Product Reviews: Focus 33600-COFFEE Coffeemaker, 100 Cup
Focus (33600-COFFEE)
Product Code: 268-33600
works great highly recommend it. 03/04/2013
Comments about Focus Coffeemaker, 100 Cup:

we had one just like it at our church for more than 20 years.Sometimes we need one at two locations at the same time.We wouldn't buy any other product.

Performs well in a prison setting 04/12/2011
Comments about Focus Coffeemaker, 100 Cup:

BRCI uses the pots to heat water in the prison dorms. Most food items sold only require hot water to make. It saves wear & tear on microwaves. They are secured in a metal cage to avoid assaults.

Way too handy to regret buying 09/24/2009
Comments about Focus Coffeemaker, 100 Cup:

This product is truly a dream come true. It is so easy to handle and it does all the work itself so there is no need to watch it. It fits almost anywhere and goes perfectly no matter where you put it. This coffeemaker is most used at church parties and its the perfect size for my small church.