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Product Reviews: Gold Medal 7748 Fun Spinner Spin Art Machine
Gold Medal (7748)
Product Code: 231-7748
Great fun! 12/17/2013
Comments about Gold Medal Fun Spinner Spin Art Machine:

I actually rented on of these machines for a big birthday party and it was a hit!! It was a lot of work to clean, and some water may have leaked into the inside, but hopefully it will dry out and won't affect its working ability. It would be easier to clean if you do it right away, however I waited til the next day to do it, and it just required a little scrubbing, and rinsing with a garden hose. I would not try to clean this in my kitchen. Maybe in a bathtub or shower. I would love to own one but they are was great for a birthday party and I could definitely see using it at every party, so with 3 kids that would be 3x a year. Not sure if I can get my money's worth out of it, but I guess it will hold it's value well. A person could just rent it to friends or family for their children's parties. Or it would be fun to have at family picnics/reunions for the children to have something fun to do. The cost for the paper and refilling the paint bottles is minimal. You can even buy extra bottles that are restaurant ketchup style or chocolate making squeezies and use those for additional colors and they are cheap. The machine holds a 5x7 inch cardstock paper and it is a nice big size. Machine worked great and it does have a safety lid so that kids don't stick their fingers inside. The lid has on open slot where you drop the paint through to drop on paper. It has a simple on/off switch and the kids at the party (age 8-10) were able to run the machine without any assistance. Maybe the children under like age 6 would need to be supervised. I couldn't take it apart until I had a chance to make a few myself! I recommend it!!