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Product Reviews: Gold Medal 4185 Deluxe Apple Hacker w/ Pull Down Handle
Gold Medal (4185)
Product Code: 231-4185
Worth every penny! 11/16/2010
Comments about Gold Medal Deluxe Apple Hacker w/ Pull Down Handle:

The Apple Hacker is a great product and will make your apple slicing a lot faster! When using the Apple Hacker all day it will definitely make your arm sore, but better than having to slice each apple by hand. :) This product is user friendly, easy to clean, slices apples consistently and the core doesn't leave seeds behind. If you plan on using the Apple Hacker on large projects I would suggest either rinsing it off after a few hours of using it or have some WD40 handy when the apple juice dries up. The one thing I found to be a problem was when slicing the apple it leaves the top of your apple slice bruised but overall this is a great invention and I would definitely recommend it to business or restaurants.