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Product Reviews: Vollrath 77761 15-qt Brazier - Chrome-Plated Handles, Stainless/Aluminum
Vollrath (77761)
Product Code: 175-77761
Nice! Better looking than expected. 01/07/2014
Comments about Vollrath 15-qt Brazier - Chrome-Plated Handles, Stainless/Aluminum:

I am very pleased with this Vollrath Tribute brazier. This one is 14 inches wide, a little more at the top flair. The construction is impressive, strong but not too heavy. I am quite happy about the nice curve in the bottom of the pan where most aluminum and many stainless pans of this type would have a sharp angle. It avoids angularity without sacrificing too much of the bottom surface. The handles are substantial chrome plated with room for large hands or mits. ( I use mine in oven). This is a daily use item in my home kitchen. Grilling meats, onions, and for making pan cakes or grilled cheese. I also stir fry on this pans bottom. I also use this pan for browning large roasts on all sides, toss in veggies, then in the oven. I ordered a simple 14 domed aluminum fry pan lid cost savings). The 14 inch lid sits just inside the flair, but will still work for my purposes to trap steam and send condensation back down. The expansive evenly heated surface is nice for concentrating and making sauces when I am canning. If you want pretty like AC or Demeyere, this is a bit more industrial looking, but still attractive. Craftsman ship is good, no sharp edges or rough surfaces. The outside is Satin/brushed finished but very smooth unlike some cheaper pans, the interior is almost glass like to the touch. The interior and exterior are made of different types of stainless. The exterior being suitable for induction ranges has a magnetic stainless alloy, where the interior has a type with more nickel for better cooking surface qualities. The interior is nicer than that of a Spring Brigade Premium pan I own. Additionally I trust the full rivets better than spot welds on this quite large pan, this might be an "American" hang up. Did I mention that there is a "Made in America" stamp in the bottom of the pan.