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Product Reviews: Vollrath 566445 Single Egg Poacher Replacement Cup - Aluminum
Vollrath (566445)
Product Code: 175-566445
These work! 03/10/2012
Comments about Vollrath Single Egg Poacher Replacement Cup - Aluminum:

Got tired of a having to scrub the egg parts off the poaching cups from my time-worn Revereware egg-poaching set, so I went online & searched for egg poaching cups w/ non-stick coatings. These fit the pan [I guess a 3" dia. is fairly standard?] perfectly, and with a little oil wiped on the cups before use, the poached egg will pop right out when done. Buy these in multiples of your egg poaching pan set [mine takes 4 cups at a time, but I've seen others that take 5 or 6.] Since the shipping cost on these will come to a significant %age of the total cost, it only makes sense to buy a dozen or so at a time, to defray the shipping. Then you can make poached eggs every day & leave the used cups in the dishwasher for a couple days while using the set, since the pan typically doesn't really need washing between uses.