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Product Reviews: Vollrath 48328 11.6-qt Coffee Urn - 24K Gold Accent, Mirror-Finish Stainless
Vollrath (48328)
Product Code: 175-48328
Great Looking, Stylish Coffee Urn 03/28/2012
Comments about Vollrath 11.6-qt Coffee Urn - 24K Gold Accent, Mirror-Finish Stainless:

We purchased 2 of these urns in the summer of 2010. Katom had the best price! Will be purchasing another so we have a total of 3 (Reg, decaf & hot water). Close down the Sterno to minimum, otherwise you will boil to a steam the coffee or water and the spigot will start leaking at high heat. This is a stylish product that goes well in any formal event. Use the Carlisle Cateraide LD500 for informal events. NEVER use any type of spigot-ed device like these for any "lumpy" liquid such as soups or stews. If you touch the spigot, a piece of food will jam the spigot in the open position. Hope you like eating a lot of soup! Use the Marmite for soups or stews or the Carlisle LD500NSS designed for transport.