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Product Reviews: Vollrath 47760 12-qt Brazier/Casserole - Aluminum Bottom, 18-ga Stainless
Vollrath (47760)
Product Code: 175-47760
Massive Pan - Grand results! 05/15/2012
Comments about Vollrath 12-qt Brazier/Casserole - Aluminum Bottom, 18-ga Stainless:

Imagine, after looking at the picture, it being twice the pan you think that it is going to be! I bought some high end pans to use on our glass top range - Cuisinart, Calphalon, and one other that escapes me. All returned within a week, all warped within two uses. Had this guy a while now, and NO warping. Feel like a pro using it. Soon I will get 2 more sizes and be done for many, many years. Lifetime warranty on this, and as heavy and well-made as it is, I can see that.