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Product Reviews: Duralex 510330BA6 16-7/8 oz Picardie Tumbler, Clear
Duralex (510330BA6)
Product Code: 168-510330BA6
Great Basic Glasses! 07/20/2011
Comments about Duralex 16-7/8 oz Picardie Tumbler, Clear:

Hold a large amount of iced tea or water. They have a nice weight and the rim feels good when drinking.

Excellent quality! 06/07/2011
Comments about Duralex 16-7/8 oz Picardie Tumbler, Clear:

We use them daily. The style gives a special look to an ordinary glass of tea :)

sturdy, easy to hold 04/25/2011
Comments about Duralex 16-7/8 oz Picardie Tumbler, Clear:

I purchased a set of Picardie 16 7/8 oz glasses from KATOM to replace some identical pieces I bought as open stock in an upscale retail store. Those seemed a bit dusty when I purchased them, but I loved the shape so much--easy for my small hands to grasp-- that I bought them anyway and just assumed they would clean up in the dishwasher. They didn't. Another size of Picardie I purchased at the same time from the same retail store were not cloudy at the start but a couple of them are looking just a bit suspect now. The ones from KATOM are still perfectly clear. We have a water softener, so hard water residue shouldn't be the issue, and while I know dishwasher soap formulas have changed (no more phosphates), other cheaper glasses we own seem to stay clear with no clouding. Since the KATOM set is still relatively new, I do not know if the composition of the Duralex glass used for the Picardie line will eventually react with my dishwasher/dishwasher soap, or if something was wrong with the pieces I bought as open stock elsewhere . So far, so good with the KATOM set. I love the shape of the Picardie line and the fact that these are very sturdy glasses without being heavy and clunky looking.