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Product Reviews: Rosle 91044 7 qt Teknika Casserole High Pot With Lid, Stainless Steel
Rosle (91044)
Product Code: 165-91044
$450.00 Product Discontinued
Absolutely The Best Made 03/04/2012
Comments about Rosle 7 qt Teknika Casserole High Pot With Lid, Stainless Steel:

For many years I traveled to Germany as part of my job. I have had this pot for about 20 years. Rosle pots and pans are now only starting to appear in the US. I can assure you that there are NO other comparable pots on the market. It is absolutely the best made I have ever seen. Second place, in my opinion, would go to the Centurian line by Wearever. The BIG difference is that the Rosle pots are truly a work of art. I hang mine in my kitchen on an Enclume pot rack. Since I am single, several family members have suggested that I might want to leave the Rosle pot collection to them in my will. Sheesh. I have asked KaTom to special order me a pot that I never got around to buying when I was traveling to Germany on a regular basis. I will update you on what their answer is. The online Rosle catalogue can be seen here: In the photo that I have enclosed, the Rosle pans are in the center. There are others, but how many can you hang out? The bottom row is antique Griswold cast iron that I have picked up at flea markets over the years. The top row is sculpted aluminum by an artist in the town that I grew up in. The URL is here: