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Product Reviews: Browne Foodservice 5724014 Thermalloy Brazier, 15 qt, without Cover, 18/10 Stainless Steel
Browne Foodservice (5724014)
Product Code: 158-5724014
14'' Diameter, WORKS on HOME-Stove 02/09/2012
Comments about Browne Foodservice Thermalloy Brazier, 15 qt, without Cover, 18/10 Stainless Steel:

I bought 14'' Pan, for 12'' Frozen Beef (Chuck-Roast), on HOME Stove;(vs did-NOT-fit in 12'' Skillet, cuz Rectangle-Corners, vs Circle Pan.)Easily Fits TWO Side-by-Side, = Cook 2-at-a-time,for Freezer-Ziplocs Ready-to-Eat.(I used 'Medium'-Heat.)11 3/8'' WIDE FLAT Disc Base, (Disc = 1/4'' Thickness, Aluminum, encapsulated-between Stainless-Steel), WORKS on 7 1/2'' Electric-Coil Stove.(11 7/8'' against the Pan, cuz Diagonal Perimeter.)My Household Stove has a Ridge along the Side-Edge,Pan DOES Fit, cuz Pan is ABOVE it.The Pan is 5 1/2'' h INside; 5 3/4'' h Exterior (cuz 1/4'' Disc Base);Plus, Lid-Handle = 7 7/8'' Total Exterior-Height.19 5/8'' Length including Handles;15 1/8'' Diameter at Outer-Edge of Rim.14" Diameter 'Opening' INside Pan.Storage in Oven; (Regular House-Stove: Oven 21 1/2'' width x 17'').The Handles are PERFECT; Will Fit the Hugest MAN-Hand;Rounded Underside Special-shape is Comfortable against Palm/Grip.4'' Length INside-the-Opening; 1 3/4'' away-from Side-of Pan;1 3/8'' away-from RIM.Lid-Handle is 3 1/2'' Length INside-the-Opening,1 1/4'' space above the Lid.Lid is Slightly Convex (upward toward Center).Lid is recessed to be ' 1/2'' below the Rim', down into the Pan.The Lid is Satin-finish, SLIGHT-Striations (Circular-Ring Pattern).The RIM of the Pan is Flat 5/16'' width, = WIDER than the Photo;(= Same-as LID-Photo). The PAN doesNOT have the 'MIRROR-BAND' shown-in-Photo;(OK-with-Me either-way, Keeps Cheaper-Price.)The PAN is COARSELY Striated Exterior = DEEP-Lines (Horizontal);~LESS-Coarse 'INterior';OK-enuf, cuz probably would-be Thinner Metal IF Sanded-smooth.Definitely SEE Stripes; Definitely FEEL Stripes;Definitely WILL notice-it when Washing,IF you wipe crosswise across those Stripes (& Rings on Floor-of-Pan). - - - - - - - - - -Cleans-up with 'Bar-Keepers Friend' 'Stainless-Steel Cleaner',(= 'Oxalic-Acid' POWDER, = Grease-remover too; NO-Stink);(at [@] & Grocery-Stores,near 'Scouring-Powder', --- eventho 'BKF' is ''Not'',tho same Canister, Looks-like 'Scouring-Powder').1st, I Dry-Wipe using Paper-Towel to remove Oil/Grease.Then, I put Huge-Pan in Bathtub, to Fill Pan with Water,to Re-hydrate Dried-on Food, for ~3 Minutes; (Easier to Dump-Out 4 Gallons HEAVY Pan-of-Water in Bathtub.)Then, Long-Handle Dish-Brush to see-if Food is Loosened;[I use Brand-New 'Toilet-Bowl Brush' cuz Longer-Handle, (Kept in Kitchen);(NOT the Old-style Loop-Head type.)] Rinse; Then BKF the INterior (using 4'' Paper-Twl, folded to 2''); then Rinse; Then, Paper-Towel Wipe, (cuz Silver-Powder clings until WIPED-Off).Then, I look-at Exterior to see-if Grease-smudges;Then, use BKF-Pad here-&-there on Exterior; Wet-Wipe-Away via Lil Ppr-Twl.Then, ReRinse (Wiping INterior); Wipe-Dry with Paper-Towel.(See-if NO Grey-Color on White Paper-Towel.)